Leading Manufacturer of ISPM 15 Heat Treated Wooden Pallets and Boxes in Eastern India

We make Premium Quality Wooden HT Pallets and Boxes in Kolkata

Wooden Block Pallets

Also known as four-way pallets, are a type of wooden pallet that is designed with blocks or solid supports at the corners or centre to provide additional strength and stability ...read more

Wooden Stringer Pallets

A common type of wooden pallet that utilizes parallel wooden boards, known as stringers, as the main support structure ...read more

Wooden Boxes & Crates

Versatile and reliable packaging solutions commonly used in various industries for storage, shipping, and transportation purposes ...read more

We are Specialist in ISPM 15 and AFAS Standard Heat Treatment & Fumigation

Heat Treatment - ISPM 15

One of the approved treatments under ISPM 15 is Heat Treatment, also known as HT. We have a Certified Heat Treatment ISPM 15 Plant under the umbrella of M/s. Exim Fumigation Services ...read more

MB Fumigation - ISPM 15

Methyl Bromide (MBr) Fumigation is the only chemical treatment accepted for ISPM 15. MBr is highly penetrative, can kill insect eggs, highly toxic to a broad spectrum of insects and similar pests ...read more

Quick Delivery

Providing both quality products and quick delivery is a great way to satisfy our customers and differentiate our business. Here are some strategies which we have achieved ...read more

Pest-Free Packaging

We are specializes in pest-free packing for export consignments, it means that we focus on providing packaging solutions specifically tailored for goods being shipped internationally. Different countries may have specific regulations and quarantine requirements to prevent the introduction of pests or diseases. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in rejected shipments, financial losses, and damage to business reputation. To address these challenges, we offer comprehensive pest management solutions for export consignments.

About Us

About Us

Licensed Saw Mill

As a Licensed Saw Mill from a 10,000 sq ft of our production unit near Maheshtala we are catering to the industry requirements of high quality packaging products and services.

We at “EXIMPACK“offer to our clients our valuable industry experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing wooden packing boxes, crates and pallets, We also offer onsite packaging activities of export and domestic packaging and consult our clients in order to minimise the cost.

Based in outskirts of khidirpur port, Kolkata headed by Mr. Ujjal Mitra, who is “Diploma in Packaging Management” from Indian Institute of Packaging, has been more than a decade in packaging industry, aids us in providing to our clients cost effective and durable packaging solution that meet their complete requirement.

We maintain strict quality control measures at our premises to ensure supply of flawless range material handling & packing products. Our range of products can also be customized as per the diverse requirements of our clients. These are of premium quality, extremely durable and reliable.

Our Mission

Our mission in the wood packaging industry is to deliver exceptional packaging solutions that combine the natural beauty and sustainability of wood with innovative design and superior craftsmanship. We strive to be the preferred partner for our customers, providing them with high-quality, customized wood packaging solutions that protect and enhance their products while aligning with their brand values. Through our commitment to excellence, reliability, and environmental responsibility, we aim to create lasting partnerships, contribute to a greener future, and make a positive impact on the packaging industry.